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Blog #1: 2 Comments (Due 4/11/2017):

  • Trent Buchanan: Trent,I loved your first blog post! The font choice was great, it was really easy to read. The only thing I would say is to bold or highlight the tips, just so they stand out more, but other than that everything was great! My favorite tip was researching. Many people don’t think about researching their topics to get background information but that is actually very important because you want to be educated about what you’re talking about! I will definitely read more of your blogs in the future.
  • Ra’Leshia Davis: Ra’Leshia,Your blog was great! I like how you posted the tips and then had a paragraph explaining them. Many people posted the tips and explained each one next to it, but yours was different so it was nice to see something new. The only thing I would say is to maybe change the font of your title, it was a little difficult to read. I chose this font at first too and realized the difficulty of reading it. Your title was very cute and catchy, it wasn’t just “5 tips for good blogging”. Another thing, highlight or bold your tips next time. Other than that I loved the tips you gave and how you presented them. I will be by to read more of your blogs!

Blog #2: 2 Comments (Due 4/18/2017)

  • Abigail Miller: I love that you chose Miley Cyrus as the person to write about for your blog post. A lot of people forgot about Miley and how crazy she was in 2013, but what she did was genius. People were talking about her for literally ever, on and off the internet. Everything she was doing was to gain fame and as you see now, she is still a little crazy but back to her normal self, somewhat. She’s different in everything she does and that got her more fame than she already had. Like you said, whether it was good or bad talk, it was still talk and money in her pockets.
  • Audrey LeClaire: This is hilarious and I didn’t even think about this as a PR crisis but it was! It was all over the media seconds after it happened and people were talking about it forever, and are still talking about it today and like you said, are making jokes about it. Steve handled the situation perfectly, he didn’t seem panicked and told the contestants and the audience with collectiveness. I like how Steve laughed at himself with the people on social media, it made the situation better, even though what happened wasn’t good and shouldn’t happen again. I believe what happened, happened on purpose, for ratings, because who really watches beauty pageants on TV anymore? I feel like everyone handled the situation perfectly and thank you for writing about this!

Blog #3: 2 Comments (Due 4/25/2017)

  • Kayla Carmichael: I love your blog so much! It is so cute and eye grabbing. Sorry, I know that is off topic but I just had to say it. But to your blog post, such a creative title, really grabbed my attention and wanted to read more about your article. It is so cool who you interviewed, Candace seems to be really nice and have an amazing job and it’s so cool you got to chat with her about what it’s like to be a music publicist. I loved how your blog was also informative since you talked about social media, writing skills, being honest in your writing and being yourself. I loved everything about your blog and will continue to read more in the future!
  • Abby Niepagen: I loved this blog post because I actually got that email from Adidas sent to my inbox and was shocked and immediately went to Twitter to see if anyone else had noticed the subject line. It was crazy that their marketing team allowed that to be sent out to their customers and obviously shows a lack of paying attention on their end. It’s sad because this probably took a toll on their business, but they probably meant no harm when sending the email, it was overlooked and they probably thought it sounded good. You mentioned how Adidas has sponsored the Boston Marathon in previous years, so you would think they would be more careful with their word choice, but everyone makes mistakes, but this was a big one and one that could have been easily avoided.

Blog #4: 2 Comments ( Due 5/2/2017)

  • Abigail Miller: I loved this post! I read about this incident while I was in high school and laughed about it. It’s crazy that they really thought someone would win the election and already have things ready to go for the next day. I think that’s lazy work in my opinion. I feel like this is why most newspapers has a person that strictly proofreads material before they are sent out because incidents like this can be tragic for the company. I feel like if this would have happened now, that news company would have been torn to shreds by the public!
  • Justin Pruitt: Justin, I loved this blog post! It was very informative since you chose a campaign that happened decades before most of us were born, so I had no idea that had even happened. I feel like if Trump would have stole Hillary’s debate notes during the past election, he would have been praised for it and not ridiculed because times have changed and it looks like a President can get away with almost anything. I also enjoyed the fact that you mentioned a campaign outside of the U.S. Again, very informative!

Blog #5 (Due 5/9/2017):

  • Allanee Quick: Allanee, I loved your blog post! I think LinkedIn is a great post to write about because I think a lot of people get confused on how to work it or how what it is used for. I know I was confused before starting Mullens class. I also liked your infographic, it was very informative and the colors were good since they weren’t too hard on the eyes. Overall, great post! 🙂
  • Abigail Miller: This blog was great! I also wrote about what PR is in my blog post and I think you and I had similar aspects, especially in our infographics. PR can be very confusing to people who don’t truly know what it is so I think this topic was great to write about to inform others. This blog was great and your infographic was very informative, I loved the graphs!

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