What is Public Relations?

What a great question! Many people may get confused when they hear the word public relations, but it really is not as hard to understand as some make it to be. By definition from the PRSA, public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” What does that mean? It means the relationship that a company has with the outside world. Whether that is another company, organizations and of course, the population. You want to have a good relationship with those people because you want your company to be known as a good brand so people will continue to go to you for their specific needs. Public relations consists of a lot of little, tiny things that make one big thing… GOOD RELATIONSHIPS. PR consists of marketing, social media, email marketing, press releases, the brands reputation, events that the brand has, and so much more. I can see how public relations can get confusing to someone who does not work in that field. But, public relations is everywhere not matter what job you are doing because you want to have as many good relationships as possible. Public relations has some key points:

  1. Anticipating the publics opinions and attitudes of your brand, whether those opinions are good or bad, you want to be prepared for whatever comes your way so your brand image remains positive.
  2. Making sure all of your associates understand the policies of your brand so they can act accordingly in and out of the workplace. You want your employees to know how to act when a crisis happens because you want to maintain a good reputation even in bad situations.
  3. You always want the public to understand what your brand is doing and what your mission is. So, there should always be someone researching different ways to get that message across to public. Those ways might be marketing, social media, financial, fundraising, employee/community and government relations and various other programs your company could have to get your positive image across to the world.
  4. The company always wants to plan to change public policy. A brand can do this by setting objectives, planning, budgeting, recruiting and training its staff.

In the end, public relations is basically creating a positive reputation and maintaining that reputation with the public. The public are the ones who are going to buy your products or support your brand, so without them, you have nothing. Public relations is in every business not matter what their mission is, so a company wants to have a good reputation and build strong relationships with everyone they come into contact with.


2 thoughts on “What is Public Relations?

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  1. Very good article! Also, I really like your infographic-vibrant colors and easy to read. I agree that Public Relations is about good relationships and networking (as Mullen won’t let us forget, ha!). Anticipating what others will say about your product, brand, or company is an important strategy so you know how to react and are prepared if it goes South. Public Relations isn’t just about social media, it’s about connections and making sure your brand is represented in the best light possible. I think you did a great job explaining that in your infographic and article!


  2. Nina, your infographic is so attention grabbing! It was the first thing I noticed when I clicked on your blog. I love that your infographic was also cohesive with your overall branding of your blog! (I see that you applied Westfall’s tactics here! While reading your post I realized something, most people aren’t aware of what public relations actually is! You did a great job explaining the key concepts and breaking down the meaning of PR for new readers.


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