The End of the Year…

The end of the 2016-2017 year is upon us and I loved our Public Relations class. This class was very interactive and although we did not talk about public relations everyday, I felt like I left the class everyday and learned something new. This class also helped me land an internship for summer 2017. This class helped me because we were required to create resumes to give to future employers and we got excellent feedback on our resumes so they would be perfect. Although my resume did not land me the internship, the networking skills that I learned in the class did help me achieve the internship. I met the woman who is in charge of my internship at a magazine launch party in March and we connected immediately about PR and Marketing, and I used things that I learned in Comm 368 to help me communicate. It was also great that Jennifer brought in multiple guest speakers, even Chris Westfall, so we could get a variety of expertise advice from different PR professionals (marketing, event planning, branding yourself, etc.) PR is such a complex world and involves a lot of little aspects, but the fact that Jennifer brought in different people and we got different view points of the PR/marketing world. The textbook was okay, I only say that it is okay because we did not read it as much as I thought we would have. Bullet Proof Branding by Chris Westfall was an interesting book to read and I’m happy I bought it so I can continue to read it after the class ends. I also wish we would have started the WordPress blogs sooner in the semester, it would have been a great way to improve everyones writing skills. I have learned a lot from this course and there are little things that I would change and I think everyone should take this course wether they are a public relation major or not, because you learn great networking skills, how to make a resume and how to correctly work LinkedIn, which is a great tool to find jobs and internships.

Photo Credit: Malia Brown


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