Yes We Can!

In 2008, Barack Obama released one of the best political campaigns, in my opinion. This campaign was very emotional and made you happy within the first minute of watching it. The LowDown featured this campaign in an article that they wrote about the best political campaigns. You can also watch the campaign video here to see what I’m talking about! Obama did something very different with this campaign that no politician had done before, he made his campaign only available on the web, so it was not on TV. This was a good move for Obama and his administration because in 2008, the internet was booming and growing at a faster rate than ever, so everyone was online all the time, so when he launched his campaign video online only, he reached so many people and a ton of millennials which most likely won him his first election in 2008. This campaign was produced by from the Black Eyed Peas and Jesse Dylan and featured more than 30 celebrities (John Legend, Scarlett Johansson, Common, and himself) who were singing snippets from his speech. This was also another good way that Obama connected with the younger side of America. Instead of having something boring and dry, he got celebrities that people know and love to support him and his campaign. This was good because most people follow celebrities every move, so if you saw that your favorite celebrity was supporting Obama, you would most likely support him as well… celebrities have that affect on people! Obama’s main slogan was “Yes We Can” and the celebrities repeated that all throughout the campaign. “Yes We Can” indicates that Obama was speaking directly to the American people saying that they can get out of any situation that they are currently in and made the American people feel secure and like someone actually wanted to help them (at least to me). This campaign proved that Obama was a great guy and a great political leader because of his speech in the background of the campaign and in my opinion helped him win the 2008 election against John McCain.

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  1. I had no idea about that music video. I took a look at it and I thought it was a great political statement. I think it worked in Obama’s favor. Along the same path, I think Obama’s whole online approach to his campaign really set him apart and spoke to his audience. At the time, with him possibly being the first African American president, he wanted to diversify himself even more and use the internet, social media, and texting, which were all fairly new at the time, to strengthen his campaign. Great idea!


  2. I couldn”t agree more with the idea that celebrities have an effect on the “average individual.” I agree that Obama did make a smart choice in using the internet for his campaign. He was the first candidate to take advantage of the “free campaigning.” Social media is a free tool, and because he took advantage of it, others began doing the same thing.


  3. That is so crazy but cool that he only allowed his campaign to be on the internet. I agree that it was a really good idea because when Obama was running, that is when the internet was starting to become more popular and used. I also liked how you informed readers about the music video because i had no clue. I watched it and it is so fascinating. I look forward to your next posts!!


  4. Oh my goodness! I just love your style of wroting and blogging! Your are so creative and your topics are always on point!!!! I loved how you used the Obama Campaign and talked about how he used his tactics to advance him. Also The bullet points you used to navigate his guidelines to benefit his success was imperial to your blog which helped, alot!!


  5. This was a very entertaining blog on what a successful campaign should look like. I agree completely that Obama did a great job in his campaign tactics with how relatable he was to the younger populations. The video was so great! I actually didn’t know there was a music video in his campaign. Thanks for the great post!


  6. Hey Nina! Thanks for sharing the amazing post! I am truly fascinating in the Obama’s and how successful their campaigns have been. It’s no secret that the Obama’s have been successful in their campaigns because of the powerful strides they have made to reach out to the millennials and their interests. I wrote about Donald Trump and some of the horrible things he did during his presidential campaign and why people still voted for him anyway. Please go check it out.


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