My Dream Job Interview.

Interviews can be nerve racking… actually, REALLY nerve racking. Especially interviews that can turn into CAREERS. I’m having my first professional interview with the PR and Marketing Manager at the Conrad Indianapolis this upcoming Wednesday and I’m still thinking… is this really happening? Her name is Taylor Imus and you can connect with her on LinkedIn. She literally has my dream job and she is only 23, how crazy is that? Although my interview has yet to happen, I can still write about things that I plan on asking her and what I look forward to achieving during and after the interview.

Since she is only 23, I plan on asking her how she did it so fast. How did she become one of the managers at one of the nicest hotels so quickly? She attended Ball State University so I’m going to ask what she did in her undergrad to prepare her for such a big role (PRSSA, organizations, internships, etc). Hopefully I can take some of what she did in her undergrad and do the same to be just as prepared as her. Since she is only a few years older than me, I feel like we are going to be able to relate to a lot of things which will make the interview less tense and more laid back.

I’m also going to ask her about her networking skills. In her case, I believe that “it’s not what you know, but who you know” just because it happened for her so quickly, I might be wrong, though. On Wednesday, I’m going to shadow her as well for the day, so I’m going to see the in’s and out’s of her job as the PR and Marketing manager and ask a multitude of questions about how she handles certain situations and what the toughest part of her job is and what she loves the most about it. I also plan on asking if she is ever scared or intimidated by older people in the PR field since she is so young and doing a job most people fight for.

After my shadow/interview, I plan on leaving with an internship with the Conrad Indianapolis. Taylor and I have been emailing and she says that she wants to talk to me about a potential internship, so hopefully I land an internship for the summer. The funny thing about this whole thing is… she never asked for my resume. It’s all about networking and the wonderful saying, “it’s not about what you know, but who you know”.

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  1. Nina, I felt like this was really good. Even if you did not get to the interview yet, you still made the progress to state what you going do, and how your going to do it. Also, I like how you assured yourself that you are not leaving without the intership! I say, speak it into existence and it will come! Love it!!!!


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